Fat-Stem | Stem cell therapy & regenerative cellular therapies for your horse, cat and dog

Stem cell therapy & regenerative cellular therapies for your horse, cat and dog

Fat-Stem is a veterinary service company offering cellular therapies to dogs, horses and other animals based on experience, research and new developments in the field of regenerative medicine.beurswand



Fat-Stem is continuously looking for new opportunities in veterinary cellular therapies like arthritis, chondrodysplasy and dog-diabetes. The production of stem cells from different origins following GMP guidelines guarantees a professional service towards different veterinary hospitals and practices.

Fat-Stem’s lDSC_0796xaboratory is located in Belgium. We have an extensive network with stem cell technology centers and closely collaborate with several universities. In this way, Fat-Stem is associated with different European partners which gives us the unique capability to bring new veterinarian cellular products.



Fat-Stem was founded to develop state-of-the-art stem cell therapies for animals  mainly focuses on stem cell therapy for orthopedic  problems in horses and dogs.

Fat-Stem is one of the few companies in EU that conducts research in the therapeutic use of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells  and was the first biotech company in the European Union to offer different commercial ASC based therapies.

Dr. Wouters founded  Fat-Stem by using a new technology   in his  R&D team in close collaboration with acknowledged European universities and clinics.

As expert in cellular therapies , he organized a   state of the art production facility. Fat-Stem technology and care is based on advanced science and  guarantee a professional service of high quality for veterinary clinics and their patients.


Fat-Stem Laboratories – Headquarters

Zonnestraat 3

9300 Aalst – BELGIUM

0032 53 80 95 90